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When you and your pet visit BAVET ANIMAL CLINIC, you become part of our family, and our goal is to become a partner in your pet's good health for a lifetime.

Our mission as a veterinary practice embodies many of the same values you'd wish for in a family, including dependability, dedication, compassion, and understanding.

We hope you and your pet feel at home from the minute you walk in the door. Please don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything we can do to help your pet in any way.


Our puppy kept losing weight, and it was only late in the evening that we got to the doctor. He received our Fügén in a friendly manner, examined him patiently and the test showed that he was Giardiasis. After 2 weeks of treatment he started to gain weight. He has a good appetite and is growing like a mad mushroom.

Jangyik Tamás

We took our adopted caucasians to be neutered and it turned out that they also have a hernia that is starting to be excluded. Thank you for the quick, professional intervention! .

Sárik Edit

The doctor examined Mandi conscientiously, recommended an X-ray, which revealed a hidden problem. So we'll keep a closer eye on him. Thank you!

Bernhardt Károly

Our elderly dogs with dental problems were carefully examined by the doctor for anaesthesia. We are grateful that he treated them under a gentle anaesthetic without any problems and cured them.

Balla Zsuzsanna