Our Team

Attila Beck DVM

One of my dreams came true when I graduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine. It has always amazed me what it means to understand and repair the workings of a living organism. That is the beauty of the veterinary profession and vocation. It constantly inspires me to expand my knowledge, my capabilities and my toolbox. I feel that in our practice these dreams are coming true. We welcome everyone to come and have a chat, even if it is just a simple conversation.

Gabriella Dombi        bachelor assistant

My love of animals led me to this career, and after giving up my civilian profession, I graduated as a veterinary assistant in 2019 and have been working in a practice ever since.

For me, nothing is more important than saving a life by following the instructions of a veterinarian. Day after day, we see the grateful eyes and receive kiss after kiss from 0-2-4 legged animals for our help, support and love. In this profession, we must work only with vocation and with the utmost humility, respecting Life and knowing that there are days when we can no longer help. Then, too, with the greatest dignity and humility, we hold their paws.

I currently share my home with four Chihuahua puppies, all of whom are Breed Rescue Association as rescued dogs.

J.M.V. Pantinople

pet apparel designer, assistant

I am from the Philippines. Our family has always had several cats and dogs that we hold in great love and appreciation. I am a member of the Davsur Bullis Bulldog Breed Foundation, where I have gained a lot of experience with them. I often design pet clothing accessories taking into account their anatomical and wearing characteristics.

DIABLO Siberian kangaroo killer

He was rescued from the streets as a puppy and we adopted him in 2020. After overcoming the initial difficulties, we have been receiving a lot of happiness and love from him ever since, which we try to return in a maxmilian way.

SUPAN the Bengal

Supan was born in Hungary to a breeder and was the last of a litter. He was not taken away because he was too shy. Since then he has blossomed and the little leopard is an indispensable member of our team.